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Published: 02nd March 2011
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Don’t just get a degree, get it from the best

As a Masters in Information Systems candidate, you simply want to learn from the best in the whole world. Your education is one of the most important investments that you’ll ever make and getting it from just anybody is taboo. You should get your education from the brightest minds in the academia so that in the end, the knowledge that they will impart to you would also be as invaluable.

One of the most well known computer axioms is "Garbage in and garbage out". Surely, you wouldn’t want garbage to be your input. Your future employers would surely be very unappreciative if you gave them an output of garbage too.

Get to Know the Best Minds in IT

It is an understatement to state that Boston University has some of the most diverse and authoritative minds in the world of IT. Take for instance, Dr. Eric J. Braude. The Associate Professor boasts of several post graduate degrees from institutions like Columbia University, University of Illinois, University of Miami and University of Natal. He specializes in Data Structures, Information System Security, and you’re going to love this – Artificial Intelligence.

His academic grounding is definitely not limited to theoretical pursuits and is exemplified by his advisory level positions in notable companies like Philips, Lockheed and MITRE.

Another notable personality in the roster of Boston University’s impressive mind pool is Visiting Professor Min Chen. A graduate of Shanghai’s Jiaotong University, both BS and MS, he also has a PhD from Boston University itself. Getting the brightest minds from different cultures and nationalities is a laudable move on the part of Boston University. You can be assured of a rich variety in approaches and methodologies in the treatment of Information Technology.

Dr. Lou Chitkushev from his name alone gives one the impression that he is of Eastern European descent. True enough, he was able to acquire his BS and MS in the University of Belgrade. Like Dr. Min Chen, Dr. Chitkushev chose Boston University to acquire his PhD and is now on board Boston University’s Masters in Information Technology program. With a medical leaning, his approach on IT finds praxis through medical applications such as in Biomedical and Medical Informatics.

Soaring to New Heights

On your part, it’s not just going to be a degree that you could later on hang on your wall. It’s about gaining traction to a fast evolving and fast developing industry. Even if you consider yourself highly adept in technology trends and developments, having an ace up your sleeve provides you with the guarantee that you will become indispensable to your current company.

In the end, that is the crux of a Masters in Information Systems is all about. By acquiring this, one statement will be etched on the minds of your current or your future employers – you are indispensable and not subject to downsizing because of a recession. You would have made yourself become a cornerstone in the IT infrastructure of your company which makes you practically one of its most important assets.

If you want to know more about Boston University’s impressive faculty, do visit the home page of their Masters in Information Systems program over at There, you’ll also find their admission requirements as well as informational brochure.

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